Favie Suzanne hotel, which since 1968 received choruses of faithful followers of the Virgin Mary from every corner of the world and in the 80’s and 90’s passed into the administration of other managers, by 1999 returns where it belongs, in the loving hands of Favie’s and Suzanne’s grandchildren, in an effort to upgrade the quality of tourist services in the island by combining successfully art and tradition with comfort and design.

The ultimate renovation of the historical hotel in 2004 and the construction of a new deluxe unit in 2007, reveals a living legend that respects the long-lasting architectural tradition of Tinos and at the same time it remains open to new artistic currents and contemporary trends in design.

Located in a central but peaceful area in the city of Tinos, on the street that borrows its name from the great Tinian sculptor Antonio Soho, opposite ‘Arapaki’ park and with a view at the harbour, Favie Suzanne hotel is perhaps the safest choice for those that seek hospitality, comfort, quality and variety of services.